A Virtual Horror Film Festival

Over 70 Terrifying Titles

From The Comfort Of Your Own Couch

October 19-31, 2023

October 19

Something Walks in the Woods

October 20

The Haunting of

Julia Fields

October 21


October 22

We Bought a Haunted House

October 23

I'm Haunted

October 24

Amityville Emanuelle

October 25

Becoming Death

October 26


October 27

Fables for the Witching Hour: Vol 1

October 28

Blackwood Evil

October 29


October 30

Twisted Fiction

October 31

No Sleep:

Fragments of Horror

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Make Your Own Horror Movie Script

Not sure which horror sub genre to start with? Take our quiz to find out which horror film best suits your personality!

The Monster Mash-Up

Werewolves, vampires, and other monsters, straight to your TV. Don't say we didn't warn you! Click and enter into a lineup of monster movies that fans of horror can enjoy throughout the spooky season. Grab your garlic and silver bullets and join us for the Reveel Fright Fest - if you dare!

A Cut Above The Rest

Step aside, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Jason Voorhees! Meet new scary slashers! Reveel is rolling out the blood-red carpet for a killer lineup of slasher flicks to watch during our 13 days of horror

Home Videos From... Hell

Videos can capture more than cute cat videos—sometimes, the camera captures things that haunt us forever. Found footage films are a chilling evolution in horror that makes the shaky, grainy footage makes the horror feel real and inescapable. Get ready for horrors recorded first-hand through the lens of everything from body cams to Snapchat.

Night For The Living Dead

When it comes to spine-chilling supernatural horror, vengeful spirits and tortured souls deliver some of horror’s most terrifying tales. These spirits with severe unrest refuse to stay dead, emerging from the shadows to wreak paranormal havoc. That's why we have conjured up a spellbinding selection of the most chilling supernatural films we could find.

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What is Reveel?

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